Network Pharmaceutical Systems

Daw Tech's Network modular wall and ceiling systems offer significant advantages over traditional approaches.The Network Pharmaceutical / Bio-medical wall system is a non-progressive, demountable wall system. Its unique studless and battenless design dramatically reduces installation times and the number of parts required for installation. The battenless design is essential for cleanliness and reducing cross-contamination by eliminating crevices that might harbor contaminants.

Application: The Network wall is suitable for Life Science, Biotech, Biomed, Medical Device, Nutriceutical and Pharmaceutical applications.

Manufacturing: Network wall systems are offered in a wide range of materials to specifically meet the needs of each individual cleanroom environment. The design of the system, and the use of a variety of materials provide for easy installation and facilitate cleaning while maintaining the integrity of the wall system.

Installation: Installation time for the Network wall systems is measured in hours versus days compared to a more conventional gypsum-on-stud wall. In addition, contaminants of conventional construction such as sheet rock dust, sanding grit, paint etc. are simply never introduced into the cleanroom.

Performance: Network wall systems are designed, manufactured and installed with performance in mind. Each system, and each piece within the system, is carefully crafted to integrate into the wall design.

Testing: Each aspect of the product range is tested to ensure that it meets the increasingly stringent requirements of the cleanroom design.

Network walls are pharmaceutical/ Bio-medical specific wall systems. They are batten-less systems having flush glazing; corner coving and are available in a variety of surface materials and finishes.
  • Network 350 is a 1.750" thick double-sided wall panel system comprised of aluminum or steel skins over an aluminum honeycomb core. It is primarily a studless curtain wall however it can also be configured as a pharmaceutical ceiling.
  • Network 351 is a 3.375" thick double-sided wall panel system comprised of FRP bonded to 0.375" fire-rated particleboard skins over an aluminum honeycomb core. It is a studless curtain wall designed specifically for areas of high abuse where an extremely durable wall is required. Also available in 0.625" furring panels.

  • Options and accessories:
  • Headtrack & basetrack
  • PVC coving
  • Flush Glazing
  • Doors
  • Electrical raceways
  • Also available as pharmaceutical/Bio-Med ceilings