EnviroZone Air Curtains and Air Entrance (Air Door) Systems

The EnviroZone air entrance is used in place of conventional doors to reduce liability at the entrance, increase capacity and to create a higher comfort level in the front-end.

EnviroZone air entrances are complete commercial entranceways available in widths ranging from 14' to 35'. The air is discharged through an overhead ceiling plenum running vertically across the opening. The air flows downward and enters into a special grating and into the floor where it is cleaned, conditioned and re-circulated. This airflow forms a near perfect "waterfall" of clean and conditioned air that acts as an "insulator" between the interior and the exterior environments.

An EnviroZone air entrances is truly a barrier free entrance: no doors, no glass, and no frames. By eliminating traditional doors that constantly open and close, the potential liability of entrance doors is eliminated. There is nothing in the way, nothing to cause injury. The retail-building owner can be assured that one of the largest liability areas of the store is now safe.

The EnviroZone Air Entrance by Daw Tech is the most advanced air entrance on the market today. Utilizing state of the art controls, maintenance free fans, low cost disposable filters and a computer designed air delivery system. The laminar (even) flow of air that the EnviroZone air entrance delivers is unequalled on the market today.

EnviroZone Air Entrance Features
  • Direct drive fans
  • Strong alum access flooring
  • Gas fired heaters (standard or separated combustion)
  • 14-35' openings x 8' tall
  • Dry pleated 3030 4" disposable filters with dirty filters gauge
  • Modular design
  • Attractive powder coated finish
  • Self contained lighting
  • 98% even discharge
  • Recirculating
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable









EnviroZone air curtains are quiet, attractive, and affordable and can help you create a more comfortable front-end entrance. Non re-circulating air curtains are used on a variety of doorways where additional climate control is desired, Daw Tech's units are attractive and easy to install above any existing entrance where a minimum of 14" of headroom is available. The unit is for single or double doors, both automatic and manual.

EnviroZone air curtain features:

Daw Tech has leveraged its knowledge in cleanroom airflow systems to design new commercial products under the EnviroZone brand name. These new products have already achieved a sizeable install base in large retail outlets in the United States.

For additional information call Bob Bradshaw 801-977-3132 rbradshaw@dawtech.com