Management Team

We have a reputation for exceeding expectations, which comes from the drive for excellence that our leadership instills within every member of our company. Our management team knows the importance of “doing the job right,” and being “on time and on budget,” while still making sure we really hear our customers. This attention to detail, combined with their varied business skills and many years of experience, make our executives an impressive professional group.

Kamm R. Kartchner, Chief Executive Officer

Kamm comes to Daw Tech with more than 20 years of experience launching new businesses and product lines from identifying and evaluating acquisitions to raising capital and interfacing with investors. He honed his bottom-line, results-focused approach in a variety of industries – pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, retail, and construction; and most recently, as President of our Ballistic Products subsidiary. Kamm’s background, which includes an MBA from INSEAD in France, and a B. S. in Business from Brigham Young University, make him uniquely situated to lead Daw Tech in market innovation and customer responsiveness. He knows that our success is dependent on your success.

Michael F. Smith, Vice President Of Construction

Mike brings 25 years of cleanroom construction management to Daw Tech, having held multiple project manager positions within the industry. As Director of Construction, he oversees all aspects of construction from design through closeout, including personnel / manpower, scheduling, estimating, budgeting, material procurement, site management, safety, and protocol. Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Brigham Young University and focuses on smooth installations. He is known for placing our customers’ best interests first.

Christopher D. Warner, Vice President Of Sales & Marketing

Christopher has more than 30 years of cleanroom industry experience and relationships garnered from his prior positions in client relations, business development, and sales. As VP of Sales & Marketing, he manages Daw Tech’s revenue growth by tracking buyer behaviors, connecting with key players, generating leads, and mapping project outcomes to buyer expectations. Christopher has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, and works to keep Daw Tech at the top of every contractor and facility manager’s list. He believes that a strong brand is a product of thought leadership and relationship management.