Matrix Raised Access Flooring

Daw Tech's Matrix raised access flooring represent one of the critical elements of a Daw Tech "Integrated Controlled Environment Solution." The unique design of our Matrix floors allows for easy installation and maintenance.

Manufacturing: Matrix "standard duty" & "medium duty" raised access flooring consists of high-strength, die-cast aluminum floor tiles. The Matrix "heavy duty" floor is comprised of high-strength extruded aluminum. Both product lines have been developed to meet the most stringent requirements for structural loading, lateral stability, seismic qualification, electrical resistivity, and durability. Matrix panels are machined to exacting tolerances for length, width, and height, to either imperial or metric dimensions.

Installation: Daw Tech's team of project and construction managers have a high level of familiarity with best-in-class construction practices. This knowledge coupled with their understanding of Daw Tech products means quick and seamless installation projects.

Performance: Matrix raised access flooring meets all current fab and facility requirements for performance.

Testing: Each aspect of the product range is tested to ensure that it meets the increasingly stringent requirements of the installed system.

Matrix raised access flooring
  • Matrix (401, 402, 403) - (Standard duty) Raised Access Cleanroom Floor Systems
  • Matrix (404, 405, 406) - (Medium duty) Raised Access Cleanroom Floor Systems
  • Matrix (450) - Equipment Move-in Plank

  • Options and accessories:
  • Diagonal Bracing
  • Stringers
  • Vacuum Ports
  • Electrical Ports
  • Valve Boxes
  • Underfloor structure
  • Underfloor Zoning