Specialty (Cleanroom) Contracting

Daw Tech is dedicated to providing industry-leading specialty (Cleanroom) contracting for all types of controlled environments. Our experience and expertise combine to provide contracting services focused on performance, safety, quality, schedule and cost.

The design and construction of controlled environments is unlike any other type of construction project. Industry specific regulations and build-clean protocols require a contractor familiar with the often-subtle nuances of process and procedure that guarantee a successful project. Daw Tech knows controlled environments, and we know what it takes to build them successfully. Our approach to design and construction unifies separate critical components into a single, cohesive system that guarantees the target integrity of the controlled space.

As a specialist organization with a culture built on the importance of quality and safety, Daw Tech takes pride in the fact that we work as a flexible team, meet project deadlines and budgets, and continually deliver products and services of the highest standard.

The highest quality products and services, the most efficient delivery and installation process, and the most complete project approach are what Daw Tech construction services are all about.

Our Specialty Contracting services include:
  • Ceiling system installation (stick-built, plenum, and welded grid)
  • Wall system installation (demountable, non-progressive, and structural)
  • Floor installation (raised access and conductive/non-conductive)
  • Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) installation
  • Process tool fit-up services (bulkhead)
  • Design-build services